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A Weekend Timeline for Guests

Updated: Jan 5, 2020

Hello Brides, Grooms, and Parents,

If you're planning a weekend wedding, either at home or at your dream destination, it is always helpful to have a printed timeline for your wedding attendees and another one for your bridal party. Here, at Watercolor Design Studio, we encourage our brides to follow this idea. Your guests, bridal party and family will know where to be, when to be there, and what’s happening, so your celebration can be stress-free. This is especially true for destination weddings and weddings longer than one day. The timeline can be included in your invitation package as a details card or created as a special card to be included in welcome bags at a venue or hotel.

As usual, we reflect the card to match your wedding theme in a fun way. In the sample picture, our bride and groom chose the Florida Aquarium in Tampa for their wedding. So fun and unique, we really enjoyed painting all the "below the waves" creatures and corals!

What are you including for your event?

• Rehearsal/Rehearsal Dinner

• "Day of" preparation for bridal party

• Welcome cocktails

• Reception

• After party

• Next day breakfast/brunch

• Transportation

At my daughter's recent wedding, her guest were blown away by her goodie bag with the timeline tied on the front with a beautiful bow and they loved knowing what exactly was happening for the weekend. She and her husband included a personal and welcoming thank-you note on the back of the timeline, which was a nice touch. The front of the Timeline was their map of the destination. Check out the photos


Aquarium themed wedding itinerary.
Welcome bag filled with luxury essentials for our guests. A watercolor custom wedding itinerary and fun map complete the look!

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