anatomy  of  a  crest


We love to design well thought out, personalized wedding crests for all of our couples. 

You are creating a new family that begins with your union, why not dream up a crest filled with meaningful

images that you can carry throughout your wedding day and then keep as a family heirloom. 

From ornate to simple and modern, we can't wait to get started working on one just for you!

Katie & Hunter Crest.jpg

favorite libation

avid hikers

love to travel


best  beach vacay



love bike rides

home town vibes

what  is a  family heirloom crest?

Does your family have an ancestry coat of arms that dates way back? Are there significant milestones you want to highlight?
Or maybe special memories that need to be documented in a beautiful way... We will hand-paint a custom piece of
art for you to have as a keepsake and hand down to future generations.

love of equestrian riding

favorite flowers

national flag

served in the military

beloved family pets

symbolic imagery in all 4 sections of the sheild

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